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It all started years ago when two girls met at a Christmas party and shared a couple of beers together. Years later these two met a third soul sista and by their powers combined formed a threesome filled with laughs, inspiration, mutual dork slumpys and fun times!

These three creative ladies felt that they needed a creative outlet that wasn’t high maintenance enough to be ignored for centuries. After some chats and brainstorming they decided on creating a blog together where they could each share their dreams, goals, growths and funnies.

By day, Genn works as a web dev for an amazing digital agency in Perth. She writes that markup stuff, you know when you ‘view page source’… What you’ve never done that? Do it now, okay, right click on the page > view page source. See, that’s it! To get through the day she drinks almost a litre of tea… yum! She spends her nights watching terrible reality TV, finding new ways to prank her delightful fiancĂ© and is a comfy lap for 2 of the cutest chihuahua puppies ever. She falls asleep in movies (lame) and is always the first to get drunk (cadbury). You’ll see mostly posts on personal development, party ideas & cute cute puppy from G.

Kat is a marketing postgrad who’s getting used to being a full time student again. She lives in a cosy (not small, COSY) apartment with her partner and fuzzy ball of mischief, Charlie, the dwarf lop. When not studying, Kat is a bit of a filthy hipster; she goes to gigs, enjoys festivals, has a few tumblrs, drinks a lot of gin, and owns a ukulele (ugh, filthy). She doesn’t do scary movies and will be very sad if you try to talk about zombies too close to bedtime. Hang tight for a lot of pictures of bunnies + posts about being a not-too-clueless twentysomething.

Sarah is a self made freelance designer working from her small home studio in Perth. As a new mum she loves being able to work from home and be in control of her career. She has worked for design studios all over town, and now works with an amazing group of people at Aeolidia. She loves to get her tiny meat hands into all things creative. Designing, illustrating, calligraphy, painting, sewing, crochet… you name it!
You can expect alot of blog posts about babies, pugs, web design and chicken hats from this crazy kid.

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