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About Kat

Hi guys! I'm a postgrad student with a penchant for green tea, dark chocolate, and female musicians. I'll happily watch tv shows over and over, especially while cleaning the house or snuggling a bunny, and I'm constantly searching for my perfect video game (must have challenging puzzles and not be completely brown come on guys what's up with all the brown).

Things I Learnt When I Was 25

I turned 26 a little while ago, a milestone I was dreading since it was going to thoroughly push me out of the hedonistic bowl of ‘early twenties’ and into my ‘late twenties’; a period where I should surely have my shit figured out and start thinking about things like My Career. Once 26 hit

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Rules For Fair Fighting

I’m very lucky my partner grew up in a house with a mother who studied a psych degree and another in social work; it sounds like she was *really* good at conflict resolution, and had plenty of practice with her three kids. One thing that made her so amazing was there was always a guide posted on the fridge with some “Rules for Fair Fighting“, so whenever someone broke a rule, there was immediate reflection and acknowledgment of what went wrong. I always thought this was a pretty cool thing to have grown up with, and I wish more people did it in their homes, but I’m making up for it now!

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Bunnies: probably the perfect pet

I’m a dog person. Sure, I had a few cats growing up, and I know cat people and sometimes I don’t hold that against them, but I LOVE dogs. God. I love how full of love they are and how much they care about whether or not you’re around and how they know when you need a cuddle. But I also love living in apartments so, sadly, having a dog at this stage in our lives was out of the question.

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Living with hypothyroidism in my 20s

The best way I’ve learned to describe hypothyroidism is: you know sometimes when you wake up, before you’re completely lucid, and maybe you had some crazy deep sleep, and you feel foggy and groggy and you’re not quite sure if you’re still sleeping or not? Like that, except every day and all the time.

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