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I'm a kid from the 80's who watched alot of tv and movies growing up. I love riding my bike at night time, listening to horror audiobooks while working and drinking endless cups of tea to keep me focused during the day.

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

So speaking of Christmas… oh what’s that? We weren’t? Well we are now! BOOM! Christmas songs are pretty much the most merry-making fun time happy feels ever. They have this power to regress you instantly into your childhood, waiting for Santa to get to your house as you be on your BEST behavior for December..

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What makes Christmas Magic

making christmas magic

This year will be my little family’s first Christmas as a threesome! Anybody who knows me, knows I am completely gaga-barf-insanolove Christmas time so needless to say, I am PUMPED! Being a full time mum and part time designer means, I don’t have heaps of time to plan and make things perfect… but I want

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Makin’ no dairy Pumpkin Soup

My husband goes through alot of food whims… some days he wakes up and says “I don’t want to eat chicken anymore”… the next day he might say “No more carbs for me” or even “I would like to cut out wheat”. When he cuts something out, it means we can go back to eating

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Makin’ Healthy Banana and Strawberry Bread

Sometimes I get a powerful NEED to eat something sweet, and sometimes it needs to be warm… with melting butter ontop. This afternoon for lunch I craved banana bread so bad SO I MADE SOME cause I DO WHAT I WANT! I felt like doing something special with it this time around because I make

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Makin’ healthy chicken sausage rolls

sausage rolls

Sometimes when its cold outside and I’m snuggled up on the couch reading my favourite Stephen King horror novel… I think to myself “you know what would top this off perfectly, making a HUGE mess in the kitchen and cooking myself some homemade sausage rolls!”. Then I think, “nah Sarah, that’s alot of effort, just

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Why oh why is little girls fashion so BORING?!

You know what, I wrote out this HUGE article for this topic, got so steamed about it and left it for a night in the “draft” pile because I wanted to reread it with a level head. Now that it’s the next day, I kinda feel like it’s all been said before. I’m SICK of

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8 Tips for new Freelancers

10 tips for freelancers

I get quite a lot of emails from people out there in the big wide internet world, asking for advice on becoming a Freelancer. Rather then sending out the same emails over and over I have written a simple list of 10 things I have found most helpful in my first 2 years of full time Freelancing.

Being a Freelancer is tough but really rewarding.
You get to work your own hours, pick your own clients (if your lucky hehe), listen to music really loud and have as many tea-breaks as you like throughout the day! My most favorite thing about it however, is that you get out exactly what you put into the job. You don’t have to rely on anybody else, and if you are coming from working in a big company with a lot of people in your team… this is a pretty sweet part of the deal.

Before working for myself, I worked all over my city. Big companies, small start-ups… you name it! I was a bit of a scrag, pimping my design talents all over town. I found no matter where I went, I got let down. Either the people in my team didn’t share my passion, or the bosses in-charge were arrogant and greedy. I was always unhappy.

With the support of my amazing husband, I made the BIG decision to start out on my own and give it my BEST shot for 1 year. To my delight and surprise, my little business became a success  after the first 3 months and almost 3 years later I am still going strong! Here are 8 tips for new freelancers, some heart to heart advice for those of you thinking about taking the plunge…

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Growing up.

growing up: chapter 2

I’m not sure how to start this post off. There’s something I want to talk about but I cant seem to find the right way to start it off… so I’m just going to dive and hope it all comes together in the end.

I never wanted to be a mother.

In my head, being a mum and feeling maternal made me feel like i was letting my gender down somehow, or selling out. I spent almost my entire life fighting the “girly” gender stuff… wanting to be seen as just one of the guys, no skirts for me thanks YUK. I wore my lack of makeup and hair-do skills on my chest like a badge of honor. It was so stupid. I wish I had a time machine so I could slap past-Sarah in the face for being a moron.

So what was I missing? What didn’t I get?

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Logos, branding and finding direction.

I have been a freelance graphic designer for going on 2 years now and let me tell you, it is an amazing job. I LOVE what I do, I love being able to wake up in the morning… feed my baby, have a coffee, do a little house work and then sit down at my computer and design fun things. I am living my dream and it feels amazing.

When I first started working for myself, I was scared of failure (of course who wouldn’t be) and letting the people who believed in me down. I under-sold myself to win work, worked long long hours to make sure crazy deadlines were met and burnt my creative candle at both ends. I soon found myself with WAY too much work and not enough hours in the day to get things done…  made a lot of silly decisions based purely on my fear of failure.

Last year I was lucky enough to be able to completely wrap my work schedule up to go on maternity leave for 6 months. It’s been awesome, kicking back with my new daughter and enjoying US time every day. My time is almost up however and with less then a month of leave time left I find myself reflecting on how far I have come.

I feel like I have a chance to start again, do things the right way and learn from the mistakes I made in my first 2 years.

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New Parent Alert! My first 3 months.

new parent

As of this writing I have been a mum for exactly 14 weeks and 3 days. It’s insane how much my life has changed in this small amount of time, sometimes I don’t even remember what it was like before she came into our lives.

Before my daughter was born, I was scared to death of becoming a Mother.

Some nights I would wake up in a panic and fret because I didn’t know how to change a nappy or because I had no idea about how to properly hold a baby. Everyone would say “that stuff comes naturally once your kid’s born, you have nothing to worry about!” and I would get even more upset because I thought there’s no way a magical switch flicks and suddenly you know how to do that stuff!

For the record, there is no magical switch…

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Shit you don’t really need as a new parent.

shit you don't need

Becoming a new parent is pretty dang terrifying when you first find out. There is SO much to consider… and for me the thing at the top of the list was “can I even afford to BE a parent!?”. Welp, I’m here to tell you today that yes, you probably can.

When I first found out I was prego, I started stressing out over needing every little piece of baby furniture, clothing, toys, hygiene supplies, food stuff… the list went on and on! I wanted her nursery to be perfect for when she arrived. We painted, sorted, bought all kinds of furniture, organised changing stations and set up comfy places to feed and cuddle our little bub-to-be.

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Falling in love with me: Chapter One

sarah love

Kind of a heavy topic to kickstart this bitch with but HEY…
I think this is going to be an ongoing topic as it’s an ongoing process and I am learning more and more every day. I thought I would start this first article up by sharing some resources I have found over the years that have really helped me change my mindset… but before we go there I want to share a little of where my head space is at right now.

I don’t want to start this with sharing a list of my physical attributes. You will never know how much I weigh or what my height is because I don’t believe them things have anything to do with understanding your self worth and having confidence.

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