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My first week freelancing

A few months ago an amazing opportunity fell in my lap. Two of my best buddies needed a developer to help them out with some projects and asked if I could lend a hand.  Super honoured and excited to work with these gals again, I naturally said yes. It went well for the first few weeks but soon I started to burn out.

Working full time and freelancing quickly turned into “all work and no play make Gennah something something”. I had to make a decision. Would I say no, no, no to another freelancing gig and continue a steady pay check at a great company with a fantastic team (I gush!)? Or have a go at my all time dream of working in my pyjamas, choosing my hours and have constant puppy in my lap? Well… I chose to dive in to the unknown.  This is my first week freelancing…

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Making a Gratitude Bucket!

Gratitude Bucket

Do you ever feel so caught up in your life you forget to take time to appreciate the little things? It’s not until you have time to pause that you can stop and respond to what is going on around you.  Making little reminders can help us find these moments. Let’s put these notes in

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Found a Dollar, Picked it Up

I’ve never considered myself a lucky or ‘tinny’ person when it’s come to games of chance, but when Gallagher pointed out a lone dollar on the floor of the pub this afternoon, I jumped at the chance to pick it up.  “It’s a filthy floor dollar” he said.  “Most currency is filthy, plus this is the dollar that will bring me in a winnings!” I said as I picked up the dollar off the ground.  I’m just classy like that.  We were at the Casino so the plan was to visit the keno station, then the cashiers booth before we left.

2.5 pints later and I am pretty damn merry.  We’d eaten and celebrated a good mate’s birthday, said our goodbyes and were heading towards the pokies to make my lucrative pit stop. Read more

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