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Rules For Fair Fighting

I’m very lucky my partner grew up in a house with a mother who studied a psych degree and another in social work; it sounds like she was *really* good at conflict resolution, and had plenty of practice with her three kids. One thing that made her so amazing was there was always a guide posted on the fridge with some “Rules for Fair Fighting“, so whenever someone broke a rule, there was immediate reflection and acknowledgment of what went wrong. I always thought this was a pretty cool thing to have grown up with, and I wish more people did it in their homes, but I’m making up for it now!

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8 Tips for new Freelancers

10 tips for freelancers

I get quite a lot of emails from people out there in the big wide internet world, asking for advice on becoming a Freelancer. Rather then sending out the same emails over and over I have written a simple list of 10 things I have found most helpful in my first 2 years of full time Freelancing.

Being a Freelancer is tough but really rewarding.
You get to work your own hours, pick your own clients (if your lucky hehe), listen to music really loud and have as many tea-breaks as you like throughout the day! My most favorite thing about it however, is that you get out exactly what you put into the job. You don’t have to rely on anybody else, and if you are coming from working in a big company with a lot of people in your team… this is a pretty sweet part of the deal.

Before working for myself, I worked all over my city. Big companies, small start-ups… you name it! I was a bit of a scrag, pimping my design talents all over town. I found no matter where I went, I got let down. Either the people in my team didn’t share my passion, or the bosses in-charge were arrogant and greedy. I was always unhappy.

With the support of my amazing husband, I made the BIG decision to start out on my own and give it my BEST shot for 1 year. To my delight and surprise, my little business became a success  after the first 3 months and almost 3 years later I am still going strong! Here are 8 tips for new freelancers, some heart to heart advice for those of you thinking about taking the plunge…

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