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Makin’ a S’more Pie

Making S'more Pie

S’more Pie

Remember sitting around the camp-fire as a child, roasting a marshmallow & pressing it between a sandwich of chocolate and Graham cracker? … okay Me neither, it’s better known as an American tradition but I’ve never been one to shy away from the genius that is the American food. To celebrate Pi day, I attempted a pintrest inspired treat, a delicious pie done in the style of S’mores to bring in to work.
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Total time: 60 minutes
Serves 8
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Makin’ no dairy Pumpkin Soup

My husband goes through alot of food whims… some days he wakes up and says “I don’t want to eat chicken anymore”… the next day he might say “No more carbs for me” or even “I would like to cut out wheat”. When he cuts something out, it means we can go back to eating

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Makin’ Healthy Banana and Strawberry Bread

Sometimes I get a powerful NEED to eat something sweet, and sometimes it needs to be warm… with melting butter ontop. This afternoon for lunch I craved banana bread so bad SO I MADE SOME cause I DO WHAT I WANT! I felt like doing something special with it this time around because I make

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Makin’ healthy chicken sausage rolls

sausage rolls

Sometimes when its cold outside and I’m snuggled up on the couch reading my favourite Stephen King horror novel… I think to myself “you know what would top this off perfectly, making a HUGE mess in the kitchen and cooking myself some homemade sausage rolls!”. Then I think, “nah Sarah, that’s alot of effort, just

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