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Summer Clothing Loves 2013

Well… Summer beat up spring then took it’s place in line. What a Jerk! We saw maybe a week of spring-kind of weather – sandwiched between winter and summer days. So when life gives you lemons, take yourself to the shopping centre and buy some cute outfits, cos… LEMONS + CLOTHING(Logic) = #dope! There are

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Bunnies: probably the perfect pet

I’m a dog person. Sure, I had a few cats growing up, and I know cat people and sometimes I don’t hold that against them, but I LOVE dogs. God. I love how full of love they are and how much they care about whether or not you’re around and how they know when you need a cuddle. But I also love living in apartments so, sadly, having a dog at this stage in our lives was out of the question.

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Chihuahuas – They really aren’t that bad!

Deciding on a dog breed was not an easy choice.  The approval to get a dog had been granted by the landlord but it had to be a small dog.  I had a handful of ideas; a Dachshund, Maltese, Pug, Pomeranian… so much cute! Deciding on Chihuahuas was kind of easy though, they really aren’t that bad!

I spent hours on YouTube watching the different breeds. I wanted to see their crazy qualities. If I was going to be living with a little dog face for the next 10-15 years, wanted to know what I was getting in to.Read more

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